Windows XP 20 Years On

Windows XP 20 Years On

Re-installing Windows XP on a customers computer following a hard drive failure

Considering that this OS was released in 2001 who would have thought that 20 years later people would still be using it.

Our customer had a CAD setup that he didn’t want to replace, but the problem was that it would only run on Windows XP. So when his hard drive finally gave up the ghost he called us to see what we could do (if anything) to get him back up and running.

He had no operating system or driver disks (but did have his win-xp licence code and CAD software), all his files were backed up on an external hard drive so no data recovery was required.

After installing the new hard drive and loading up Windows XP and all the service packs, we then had to track down the motherboard drivers and software in order to get things working as the customer wanted.

We started as most people do by scouring the internet, but couldn’t find all of the drivers that were needed, it was only after rooting through some old motherboard disks that we were able to find what we wanted and resurrect his machine.

We returned the computer to the customer and watched with baited breath as he loaded up his CAD system and hooked up his plotter, after a quick reboot he copied over some files, hit print and voila… it worked, so another happy customer and a few very relieved techies.

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