Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics

When people see the term “Computer Forensics” they often have an image in their mind of the police taking away computers, hard-drives and bags of discs to be examined in a lab in order to gather digital evidence to assist in a criminal investigation, and although this is one use of computer forensics it is not the only use.

Computer forensics are often used in Data Loss Prevention and as an aid in Data Recovery.

The software we use can access your drives without mounting them, meaning that we can look into what is affecting your files without causing further damage, we can then perform some read only operations and if required make a digital image of your drive for further analysis. This process of capturing data is known as “imaging” and is achieved by making a copy of the hard drive allowing us to view the contents of the computer including those areas that would not normally be visible to the user.

We can also use computer forensics to assertain if there has been any misuse or theft of company data, and as our software can examine a drive without leaving a digital footprint the user has no way of knowing that the drive has ever been accessed. By covertly analysing the drive without altering any of the data on it, the business owner can if needed hand the drive over to the police who will then be able to use it as evidence in a court case.

The captured image can then be cleaned up, copied onto another hard drive and installed into the computer so that your business can carry on without any further disruptions.